Keith & Muriel W.  March 1, 2017

"We highly recommend the services that Alicia Williamson provided us!  She does quality work and really cared about us and was flexible to our needs. We were with her for 5-6 months and the only reason we had to discontinue working with her was due to a move to assisted living. Thank you again!"

Chris P.  Marshfield Senior Center Administrator      March 3, 2017

"Thank you for your recent presentation on "Reducing Sugar in Our Lives." Your information was timely and informative. It really made me think about how much sugar we consume each day (all the hidden sugar!). I appreciate you taking time out of your day to help us try to live healthier lives. Thanks again!"

Jeff & Lisa R.      August 13, 2017

"We want to thank these super awesome and very beautiful ladies from the bottom of our hearts for all they have done so far to help us learn that there is a 100% better way to live without all the bad foods that we have gotten hung up on eating because they are easy and what we thought were okay because we were on the go so much. This is so far from the truth and at 56 and 58 years old we are in a little over a month feeling so much better and losing much needed weight thanks to these two ladies. We have lost some weight before by low carb (dieting) and such, but within a month we got weak and sick feeling and as far as calorie counting, that didn't work at all either. Also, thanks to these wonderful ladies I have lost some good weight and my blood pressure is so low I am asking my doctor to reduce or maybe even quit my meds. I also have had horrible acid reflux in the past and now have nothing as I have also quit my meds for that too! NO KIDDING ! I am 100% positive its from the fresh foods these gals have taught us to eat. Once I started eating good I have not had hunger cravings and I even feel full quicker with less food than before. I'm telling you this is the best lifestyle I have ever lived thanks to the very professional guidance from Alicia and Kylie with no pressure and they even make it fun. Oh and this was with NO PILLS or DRINKS or any other gimmicks, but just eating like our grandparents did but even better. Our grocery bill is even less and we don't eat out hardly at all so,we are saving even more money too. THANK YOU Alicia and Kylie for caring about our health and we hope you are our friends forever."                         

Mia P.      August 26, 2017

"Alicia and Kylie challenged me and provided great information and encouragement. Thanks again."

Ryan T.      February 14, 2018

"I just finished the 30 Day Fit and Healthy Jump Start. The information provided was very educational and helpful with great tips on smoothies to make and ways to cut out bad food, along with much more. I'm glad I joined this challenge and even won some nice gifts for my involvement in the group. There were even periodic motivational quotes sent per the page that were awesome. Thank you so much Kylie and Alicia."

Barbara S.     June 24, 2018

"I recently completed the Health Matters Nutrition & Wellness 30 Day Jump Start Program. The program was done totally online. The Heath Matters team provided weekly emails providing materials I would need for success! In addition they had daily online chats answering questions that I may have had. If they didn't have an answer they got back to me within 24 Hours! The best part is..I lost 2 pounds..and was given motivation I needed to keep on losing weight "

Barbara S.     November 8, 2018

"I just wanted to let everyone know that Alicia and Kylie do a great job! I decided to continue with the things I learned from their 30 Day Jump Start challenge. After 3 months of the challenge finishing, I realized I needed additional assistance. In losing my weight I had hit a wall. So I reached out to them to find out more about the programs they offered. I signed up right away .. wow.. they really have been working with me.. and are also extremely patient with me. I have MS and they have been able to help me find exercise and foods I could eat that will help me with my goals towards losing my weight. First, they helped me realize I have to do this slowly. Yeah no fun.. but if I want the weight to stay off I have to go slow. So, I have gone slow and I have started losing weight! Second, they gave me encouragement everyday! They helped me realize I wasn't alone in my battle. If you are looking for someone to assist and guide you on your weight loss journey Health Matters Nutrition & Wellness LLC are the ones for you!."

Kathy J.    August 26, 2019

"The first thing I noticed was my indigestion went away. I have tried other weight loss programs before but they left me feeling deprived and frustrated. Working with Alicia was different and really worked for me! I noticed my clothes fitting better and I was able to get clothes out of my wardrobe that were a size smaller, it was like having a new wardrobe. I feel stronger with more stamina and I am sleeping better; all good things. My husband and I keep making grocery shopping adjustments to fit with healthier eating. I have been vigilant and patient and kept on track and it has been worth every moment."

Jude G.   November 1, 2019

We just returned home from the grocery store. Last night we made our dinner menu for the month and a shopping list to go alongside it. The positive change here is this: in the past, we have tried to eat healthier, but we did not have the accountability of knowing someone would be this time we were a little more ridged - not perfect...having eaten healthier these past weeks we have gotten used to a little healthier and smaller portions. The result is that for possibly the first time in our 30 years together, neither of us suggested snacks or sweet drinks. I think between that and consistently going to the gym M-W-F we are on the right track.