How to Connect St. Patrick's Day to Health and Wellness

This week we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day here in America. For many, it has religious meaning and reflection to an honorable Saint. For some it is just a day to wear green, drink green beer and party.

We would like to take this holiday to make a connection for you to our favorite theme, Health and Wellness!

Green, the color of many fruits and vegetables that have outstanding qualities for your health. Rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, we should take this week to add as many of them to our daily diet as possible.

I want to take this time to demonstrate to you how easy it can be to include those leafy wonderful greens into your daily food intake by just being creative:

* add fresh spinach and/or kale, and green peppers to your scrambled eggs

* slice avocado with your poached egg and toast

* make a green smoothie by using kiwi, spinach, kale with banana and green apple

* make a mint smoothie by adding a hint of mint to the above mix

* add a hint of lime by adding a bit of lime to the smoothie

* lunch can be a lettuce wrap sandwich with cucumber, green pepper, turkey and cheese

* for dinner use green peas, brussel sprouts, and green salad

It can be easy and fun to add as many green fruits and veggies to your daily diet this week and really make St. Patrick's Day one of health and wellness rather than excess and poor diet.

Of course we are all about fun! You can enjoy the theme of St. Patrick's Day and partake in fun festivities while keeping with your healthy daily routine:

* be sure to wear green while you're working out

* make sugar cookies with green icing to share with your kids or grand kids (be mindful of portions)

* wear green eye shadow throughout the week

* buy fun accessories with the St. Patrick's Day theme and have fun with it

* how about a green strip in your hair to really be bold

Another fun thought is that St. Patrick's Day is a sign that spring is on the way!

We can think of fresh green grass, leaves sprouting, garden plans taking place and saying good-bye to winter!

Take the time this week to reflect on your health and being green for your body. Taking care of ourselves and our health is always the best gift we can give ourselves. Use this green themed holiday to remind yourself of that and get spring off to a great start!


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Health and happiness,

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Kylie Glastetter BA, MS, EP-C, CHC


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