Everything You Need to Know About "Slow Carbs" to Strike Your Best Balance

Since keto and low carb diets are all the rage, I thought it best to have a quick chat about carbs. Specifically, "slow carbs."

In case you are wondering what "slow carbs are...most plants fall into this category. They're low-glycemic, so they don't send your blood sugar or insulin on a rollercoaster ride. You'll want to eat plenty of them because they have phytochemicals, nutrients, and fiber to fill you up.

You hear of many people today on those "low carb" diets. I don't condone "dieting" of any kind and prefer for all my clients to learn how to eat healthy overall.

You'll have your best results if the carbs you eat come from non-starchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruits. Here's what those slow carbs from plant-based foods do for you!

- They're more nutritious

When you choose the right slow carbs from plants, you get gobs of vitamins and minerals, special plant compounds that heal, and plenty of fiber. The phytochemicals in them are naturally medicinal and bring balance to your health.

- Your blood sugar won't go nuts

Slow carbs from plants have that high fiber content which mitigates any sugar they contain. That's why you feel good after snacking on blueberries, but when you dump sugar in your coffee, you don't.

- They help your gut stay healthy

Another great benefit of slow carbs is that the fiber nourishes your good gut bacteria and cleans your intestines. This helps keep you healthy and your immune system working optimally.

Best Slow Carb Choices

Now that you know about slow carbs, it's time to add more to your plate. Some are better than others, and it's essential to understand how to eat them.

With green carbs including asparagus, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, seaweed, and basically any green vegetable -- you can eat as much as you want.

Then there are whole grains like quinoa, buckwheat, or brown, black, and red rice, and legumes like lentils, soybeans, and chickpeas. You should eat them moderately.

Also on the moderate list are all kinds of berries and stone fruits. While these are wonderful for you, you can limit your intake and focus on filling your plate with green veggies.

The starchier foods, such as potatoes and corn, raise your blood sugar more rapidly, so limit those to small portions.

The same goes for fruits with high sugars like pineapple, grapes, and melons.

These aren't hard and fast rules. I understand balance is essential in life, so for me personally, I adhere to filling my plate with mostly green veggies, and enjoying slow carbs in smaller portions.

Of course, I leave room for the not-so-healthy carbs too... in moderation.

How do carbs make you feel?

Do you feel a difference when you eat carbs or when you limit them?

What's even more beautiful is we're all different, so it's mostly about finding out what your body tells you and listening carefully.

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