15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss, Part 3 of 3

We have passed the 4th of July; summer is at it's peak! Perhaps you have been working hard to get that extra weight off and just need a boost to break the plateau! Well here it is, the final of the series of three, 15 Secret Tips for Weight Loss.

Today we will be discussing the last five helpful tips that can help you shed the last of your unwanted pounds. You will learn tips that you can use every day in order to live a healthier lifestyle. It isn't just for weight loss, but also to help you live a healthy life!

This is the third and final part of our three part series on 15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss.

As promised, we will be giving you 5 additional tips that help dispel many of the myths or beliefs about weight loss. Take the time to evaluate if these are areas you can improve on to help you on your health journey.

Tip #11 Have realistic expectations. If we set unrealistic expectations, we are more likely to quit trying. Keep your expectations realistic and achievable and you will be more successful in reaching your goals. This also helps to avoid discouragement and feelings of failure.

Tip #12 Track what you are eating. Tracking or writing down what you are eating can give you an accurate account of what you have consumed for the day! It also helps with accountability. There are several apps available that make tracking your food consumption really easy. If you don't keep track of what or how much you are eating, it can get away from you before you know it. It can also help give a picture of what nutrients you are consuming such as, protein and fiber and how much. It will give a more accurate picture of what and how you are eating.

Tip # 13 Stop drinking sugary drinks. Many people drink sweetened drinks before, during and after a workout or even throughout the day. Even the fruit juices have to be monitored because they contain high levels of sugar. Liquid calories do not affect the appetite signals in the brain the same way solids do, so you may end up drinking more. This only adds empty calories to your daily intake and diminishes any positive efforts you may have made during the day to try to cut back.

Tip # 14 Read labels! If you do not learn and practice how to read labels on our foods, you may be consuming unwanted calories and unhealthy ingredients. It can be tricky learning what is exactly healthy and what isn't. Many labeling tactics are misleading and confusing.

The best place to start is the ingredients list and the nutrition facts label. A good rule of thumb is if the ingredient is hard to pronounce or foreign to probably is not worth consuming. Calorie counts can be misleading too because they are based on serving size, not on package contents.

Tip # 15 Eat whole, single ingredient foods. Our bodies are much like a machine, needing fuel to get going and keep going. Many, in an attempt to lose weight, "starve" themselves. This works against you and forces your body into "starvation mode", holding on to any energy it can get.

Eating 3 small healthy meals a day with 2-3 small healthy snacks in between those meals, keeps our metabolism going and leads to more energy and less hunger overall. The key again is portion control and choosing healthy fuel to put into our bodies.

Choosing healthy whole foods is the best thing you can do for your body. Studies have proven that processed foods are not good for us and can lead to over consumption. Eating a healthy diet of whole "real" foods is always the best choice!

(Hat tip to Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE @ Healthline &

These are the final 5 of the 15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss we are sharing with you. Within these tips are several health strategies that you may have heard of, but are not sure how to go about accomplishing them.

Wouldn't it be great to learn these techniques to help you on your way to reaching your health goals?

We offer to you evidenced based strategies, techniques, and support to help you learn HOW to live and eat for a healthy lifestyle. It isn't about a quick fix or a restrictive diet plan. It is about learning healthy practices that will help you feel better, have more energy, and be confident as you progress through these later stages of life and your health journey.

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Health and happiness,

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