15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss, Part 2 of 3

With Memorial Day behind us, summer has officially started for many of us! Time to doesn't have to be that way! There is still time to get on the right track to leading an amazing, healthy lifestyle.

With so much information out there about how to "eat right", exercise, and be the best you can be, it is hard to tell facts from fads. Our generation, the Baby Boomers, like no generation before, has the opportunity to live a sustainable, energized, and healthy life long into our senior years. A person just has to educate themselves on what exactly to do.

It is about learning how to be healthy to the best of our ability.

This is the second part of our three part series on 15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss.

As promised, we will be giving you 5 additional tips that help dispel many of the myths or beliefs about weight loss. Take the time to evaluate if these are areas you can improve on to help you on your health journey.

Tip #6 Don't overestimate how many calories you burn during your exercise of choice. Most people believe and have heard that exercise really revs up your metabolism. While it is true that it does increase your metabolic rate, it may be less than you're thinking. Investigate your exercise of choice and be knowledgeable of how many calories it does potentially burn. Be sure not to offset all of your hard work in the gym by consuming too many calories, thinking that you burned a lot.

Tip #7 Make sure you eat enough protein. Getting enough protein in our diets is crucial to losing weight. It actually helps us lose weight in many ways.

It helps us feel full faster and for a longer period of time, which in turn helps us decrease our caloric intake. It also helps increase our metabolic rate because our bodies work harder to digest the protein. Finally, it protects our much needed muscle mass that we may lose trying to lose weight.

As we age, we need to protect our muscle mass and getting enough protein in our diets while strengthening our muscles is one of the best things we can do.

Tip # 8 Make sure you eat enough fiber. Fiber is good for helping us to feel full at meals. It also aids in digestion and proper bowel function.

Adding fibrous foods to your diet can help reduce appetite so that you eat less. The fiber increases the bulk of your meal, leading you to eat less and stay full longer. The work involved in chewing and digesting the fiber also helps give the body time to signal fullness, leading us to eat less.

Fibrous foods include beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Tip # 9 Avoid eating a low-carb diet or other restrictive diets which can lead to eating too much fat. Unless medically prescribed by your physician, restrictive diets can lead to imbalances of nutrient intake. For example, many on restrictive diets tend to increase their fat intake. This can inhibit your weight loss efforts and lead to frustration.

It is always better to eat a balanced diet and work on portion control and other healthy habits that allow you to eat in a more normal and non-restricting manner.

Tip # 10 Eat smaller meals more often, with healthy snacks in between. Our bodies are much like a machine, needing fuel to get going and keep going. Many, in an attempt to lose weight, "starve" themselves. This works against you and forces your body into "starvation mode", holding on to any energy it can get.

Eating 3 small healthy meals a day with 2-3 small healthy snacks in between those meals, keeps our metabolism going and leads to more energy and less hunger overall. The key is again portion control and choosing healthy fuel to put into our bodies.

(Hat tip to Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE @ Healthline &

These are 5 more of the 15 Secret Tips For Weight Loss we are sharing with you. Within these tips are several health strategies that you may have heard of, but are not sure how to go about accomplishing them. Wouldn't it be great to learn these techniques to help you on your way to reaching your health goals?

We offer a chance for you to learn HOW to live and eat for a healthy lifestyle. It isn't about a quick fix or a restrictive diet plan. It is about learning healthy practices that will help you feel better, have more energy and be confident as you progress through these later stages of life.

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Health and happiness,

Alicia Williamson RN, BSN, MSNW, CHC


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