Put Food on Your Face

I know you were inevitably told not to play with your food, but have you ever put food on your face?

Really, there are so many items in your kitchen that are astonishingly great for your skin. Not only are there an array of items you can put on your skin for radiant, healthy skin -- it's also important what you're putting in your body.

Eating nutrient dense, high-quality food can be just as powerful as that expensive night cream, and luckily, the healthy foods have more benefit than just your beautiful skin. The food you consume is imperative to the growth of healthy skin cells, leaving you with the healthy glow you are craving.

Some of my favorite foods to use on my skin are:

- Avocado. Simply mashing up an avocado and spreading it on my face does absolute wonders.

- Banana. Mixing a half of a banana with the avocado, and sprinkling in some olive oil is my favorite face mask I've ever used. It feels incredible.

- Cucumber. Cucumber slices on your eyes to decrease puffiness, it really works!

- Lemons. Another miracle trick. Soaking a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and rubbing your face with it -- you've got to try it!

Hydration is another critical factor in clear, radiant skin. Be sure you are getting enough water each day!


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Health and happiness, Alicia Williamson (RN, BSN, MSNW, CHC) & Kylie Glastetter (BA, MS, EP-C, CHC)


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