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Pantry Clean Out

Health Matters Nutrition & Wellness LLC Pantry Clean Out Springfield, MO

Are you uncertain about the food choices you make daily?

Do you want to learn how to swap out the less healthy foods in your pantry for wholesome, healthier food options?

Wouldn't it be great to have someone walk with you through your pantry and evaluate what foods and products are really not good for you?


I can do that for you!

Alicia Williamson and Kylie Glastetter

If you live in or near the Springfield, MO area, 

I can guide you in leading the healthy lifestyle that you desire!

What you get:​

  • A licensed health professional coming to your home to sort through your pantry with you

  • No restrictions, but rather suggestions on what foods you should keep or swap out

  • The skills you need in order to confidently make healthier food choices for you and your family.

  • A comprehensive worksheet guide that you can keep for reference 

  • A pantry set up for a healthy life

If you don't live locally, I have created the

"Pantry Clean Out Tips: A Simple Guide to Healthier Eating," eBook

just for you!

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To learn more about our amazing, new eBook...