Client Spotlights

Jeff R.

Jeff contacted us in July of 2017 ready to make some positive health changes in his life. He wanted to lose weight and learn a healthier lifestyle. He said he tried a low carbohydrate diet and had heard of other diet fads but was interested in learning a more realistic lifestyle change. This was the start of Jeff's health journey. Jeff lost 14.2 lbs while working with us.

Kathy J.

Kathy contacted us in June of 2019 after trying several other weight loss programs that left her feeling discouraged and frustrated. She wanted something different and felt my program was what she was looking for and so began her Health Journey. Kathy has lost 15.4 lbs so far while working with us.

Lisa R.

Lisa came to us with her husband Jeff because she too wanted to learn a healthier lifestyle and improve her life. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes and hoped to lose weight, eat better, and get off her medication. She wanted to lose fat, gain muscle, and learn ways to better manage her diabetes and improve her diet. Lisa lost 9 lbs while working with us.

Kathy C.

Kathy contacted us in May of 2018 feeling discouraged and looking for a lifestyle change. She admitted she had tried several ideas for weight loss before, but nothing seemed to work or be easy to stick with. She wanted something different....something permanent and so, she began her health journey with us. Kathy has lost 12.4 lbs so far while working with us.


Jeff R.

Jeff worked diligently with us for 3 months. He lost a total of 14.2 pounds along with other positive health changes and did an excellent job of applying what he had learned through his weekly educational material. He learned that eating healthy is not only good and flavorful, but that it also helps you feel better. Jeff lost weight, felt better than ever, and could work longer without feeling tired or worn out. He felt changes in how his clothes fit and how his body looked. He was also able to stop taking his blood pressure and acid reflux medications which was a huge success for him. He noticed their grocery bill is less and they hardly eat out anymore. Jeff enjoyed having his wife join him on his health journey and they celebrated their successes together.

Excellent work Jeff!  

Jeff's statistics 7/11/17:

Heart Rate 73

Blood Pressure 143/88

Waist Circumference 46

Hip Circumference 38 3/4

Weight 223

BMI 32.9

Body Fat % 33.7

Skeletal Muscle % 29.4

Relative Body Age 75

Jeff's statistics after 3 months:

Heart Rate 68

Blood Pressure 133/88

Waist Circumference 43.5

Hip Circumference 42

Weight 208.8

BMI 30.8

Body Fat % 27.7

Skeletal Muscle % 32.6

Relative Body Age 69

Lisa R.

Lisa worked with us for  3 months. She did an excellent job of applying what she had learned through her weekly educational material. We taught her how to shop for and eat healthier foods. She saw changes in her body and clothing and enjoyed losing weight. Unfortunately, Lisa had a work injury that limited her physical abilities, but she continued to eat well and make healthy choices. She did her best within her physical limitations to continue on her health journey. Our best to you Lisa!

Lisa's  statistics 7/11/17:

Heart Rate 71

Blood Pressure 133/89

Waist Circumference 35

Hip Circumference 44

Weight 162.2

BMI 26.6

Body Fat % 41

Skeletal Muscle % 24.8

Relative Body Age 56

Lisa's statistics 3 months later:

Heart Rate 62

Blood Pressure 136/94

Waist Circumference 35

Hip Circumference 43

Weight 153.2

BMI 25.1

Body Fat % 39.6

Skeletal Muscle % 24.8

Relative Body Age 53

Kathy C.

After 6 weeks of receiving weekly educational material and working toward her goals, we are happy to say that Kathy has made tremendous success thus far!!  Not only has she lost a total of 12.4 pounds; she has also experienced other positive health changes. She is more health conscious and able to apply all she has learned! Kathy is now walking  45 minutes daily, up from 30 minutes. She has also started going to the gym to use cardio equipment and has made the decision to start lifting weights. Kathy feels changes in her clothing and has more energy. She says she doesn't have that bloated, tired feeling anymore. She is actually dreaming about riding a bike with her family, something she didn't think would ever be possible again. Kathy is loving her newfound knowledge and has the added bonus of her husband being on board with the new changes. He has also lost weight and states he feels better. Great job Kathy!

Kathy's statistics 5/30/18:

Heart Rate 105

Blood Pressure 140/92

Waist Circumference 42

Hip Circumference 49

Weight 206

BMI 37.7

Body Fat % 48.8

Skeletal Muscle % 23.1

Relative Body Age 72

Kathy's statistics 6 weeks later:

Heart Rate 80

Blood Pressure 118/82

Waist Circumference 39

Hip Circumference 47

Weight 193.6

BMI 35.4

Body Fat % 46.3

Skeletal Muscle % 24.2

Relative Body age 69

Kathy J.

After working with me for 3 months, Kathy made great strides. She then wanted to try a period of 7 weeks on her own and continued to do well, losing the last 5 pounds of her total 15.4 weight loss. Kathy did a great job applying all that she learned with me and is now more health conscious and able to apply all she has learned! Kathy is now walking  45 minutes daily and lifting weights. Kathy feels positive changes with her clothing and has more energy. She is now able to wear a size 12. She mentioned that it is the small changes in her body that make such a difference, such as, her watch fitting on a smaller notch, necklaces hanging better, shoes and bra fitting better. She is noticing more stamina and the ability to get up and down easier with her grandkids. She says she feels great and wants to continue to work towards her long term goals. She states that life is just so much more comfortable now. Kathy is loving her newfound knowledge and ability to eat healthier and workout. She plans to continue on this positive path and never look back! Congratulations Kathy!


Kathy's statistics 6/4/2019:

Heart Rate 85

Blood Pressure 143/107

Waist Circumference 42.5

Hip Circumference 47

Weight 174.6

BMI 32.5

Body Fat % 46.6

Skeletal Muscle % 23.3

Relative Body Age 69


Kathy's statistics 3 months & 7weeks later:

Heart Rate 76

Blood Pressure 130/108

Waist Circumference 39

Hip Circumference 43

Weight 159.2

BMI 30.3

Body Fat % 41.7

Skeletal Muscle % 25.8

Relative Body age 65