Health Matters Nutrition & Wellness classes

We offer a variety of classes on health, exercise, and nutrition for groups or businesses.

Classes offered include, but not limited to:

  • Harvest Healthy Habits 

    • This is set up as a 6 week course that occurs 1 day a week ​for 1 hour.

    • Topics covered in this course include: 1. Goal Setting & Behavior Change, 2. The Mediterranean Lifestyle, 3. Exercise, 4. Motivation, 5. Stopping Self-Sabotaging Behavior, 6. Wrap It Up: Launch Into the World.

  • Reducing Sugar Intake (1 hr)

  • Diabetic Foot Care(1 hr)

  • Mastering Food Nutrition Labels (1 hr)

  • Portion Control (1 hr)

  • Protein Intake for Baby Boomers (1 hr)

  • Stress Management (1 hr)

  • Eating Out and Traveling Tips (1 hr)

Note: If there is a specific topic not listed here, that you or your company want us to present on, feel free to shoot us an email and we will gladly set something up for you!