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Do you want to find a more sustainable way to lose weight and are tired of fad diets and "magic potions?"

Are you frustrated and feeling worn out, weak or unable to stick to an exercise regimen?

Do you feel like you know what to do to lead a healthy life, but you're not sure how to go about accomplishing it?

I am here to help you learn to use YOUR own ability to make beneficial changes in your life for better health and well being.

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By forming a health coalition/partnership, we will work together to help build achievable goals that empower you to realize these amazing health benefits:

* aging does not have to equal failing health and well-being
* the ability to choose and eat healthy foods
* shop smarter and more healthfully
* master healthful cooking
* find a fitness plan to help you be the best you can be
* maintain optimal health for your situation
* reduce risk of disease and ailments
* learn to set realistic achievable goals
* obtain guidance with sustainable change
* receive assistance in learning to restore, maintain and enhance YOUR 

  personal overall health and wellness

You finally have the chance to work with a medical professional that really listens to YOU...about YOU...and assists YOU in working to be the best YOU can be!


We are ready to work with you, using scientific evidence-based information and strategies that have proven to benefit those seeking personal changes.


We are excited and energized to assist you in creating a life of your dreams!


Never give up and never give in!


Let's make today the beginning of your amazing health journey!